Thursday, February 24, 2011

Practicing safety online

Practicing safety online is very important. If someone is trying to make you do something you don't want to you should report them and never have conversation with them again. Away you can stay away from predators is not telling your personal information such as where you live, your age, or maybe if your chatting with people you may use a fake name. Also to protect yourself don't do things you know your parents, guardian, or spouse wouldn't approve of.  Last stay away from people you may not know.

How is technology woven into your life? Do you socialize different online and offline? Or do you socialize the same way?

Technology is woven into my life because I use my cell phone everyday. I feel as if the day goes by to slow without it and I can't complete the day without it. I believe I socialize the same way as everyone else online and offline.

Why are digital citizenship and literacy key to Online Safety 3.0?

Digital citizenship and literacy key to online safety is that people like to be safe because they see themselves as one and they know their apart of something so they don't want the group to look bad.

Why do you think it is important to have good manners online?

It is important to have good manners online because you never know who is watching or reading what you do. For example if you were applying for a college, and the dean looked at your profile online, and you had all profanity up there it wouldn't be a good look. Now do you think you would get accepted to that college? Always have manners online not only for yourself but for others to.