Monday, June 13, 2011


Does your digital life have side effects? For example if I was doing work on the computer and I stopped to sign in online, I will forget all about what I was doing.I get so wrapped up into the stuff thats online I have no idea how to complete my work. The internet, my phone, or i pod can make me loose all intrest in my work. I may fall asleep or just get lazy and never get back to my work.

Also when I'm online I never feel jealous of my friends activities because I have my own stuff to do. Why should I get jealous? Its cool to hang with my friends but sometimes its good to do what I want to do. The side affects of my digital life can have big affects on me.

Sometimes I worry about how much I text. It keeps me from learning all I can learn. I think my parents care sometimes but they know it will get better and I will still be sucessful and what I wanna be.

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